Blue Belle Farm
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Clay soaps with wonderful ingredients.

Milk & Honey, Tangerine, or Lavender  (6.5 ounce soap bars) 

Rose Clay, Hemp Clay (6 ounce soap blocks)

Farmhouse design will look so cute on your sink counter and last a good long time!
Tried and true, original formula in five favorites. Milk & Honey, Lavender, Tangerine, Hemp, and Rose.
Generous sized, detergent free, soap bars, and blocks are made to embrace daily handwashing with a mild scent and luscious ingredients. Made with buttermilk, calendula oil, natural clays, oatmeal, honey, essential oils, and Non-GMO & sustainable coconut and palm oil.
Lather with a wash cloth, body sponge, or between your hands.
Enjoy your new, everyday, hand and body soap favorite.
*Limited supply, small batch.