Posted by Deborah Wright on Mar 16th 2022

Mindful Manufacturing

Loving the art of creating food since a young age, I learned from the best cooks; Mom, Grands and Aunties. Besides the delicious meals and treats, each bite was filled with love.

As I fell in love with cooking I became aware it was more than a bit of this or a dash of that. It was being present in the moment. Enjoying the process, sharing a conversation and knowing what I was making would be appreciated and welcomed.

Terms like Artisanal Made, Small Batch or Traditional Methods are used today. They describe what I value as Mindful. 

As I prepare for manufacturing, I allow time, gather my equipment and focus on the task. I stir and guide my ingredients into a finished product with pride and love. 

When everything is done, I put a heart on every jar. That is my way of telling you enjoy the moment.