Making My Own Kind Of Music On The Other Side Of The Moon

Posted by Deborah Wright- Blue Belle Farm on Nov 9th 2022

Making My Own Kind Of Music On The Other Side Of The Moon

Reaching for the moon...

It seems to be a phrase that many people use to describe that unattainable goal or want.

Now, it really never occurred to me how tenacious I've been most of my life. I guess that is why my spirit name is Leapin' Moon. I've always felt I should not just reach for the moon; but leap over it!

Let me tell you that I have no regrets for my free flying adventures in life. Some have been enchantingly wonderful. I will always chase the rainbow, pick the daisy, walk barefoot and dance in the moonlight. 

The cycle is changing once more, we have all weathered the storm of 2020 and made changes. It is now time for me to do the same in 2022.

Mama Cass Elliott belted out the hit "Make your own kind of music" when she was not certain of her career future. I can relate, and I bet you can too.

This Winter season, I am home and in the studio revisiting my favorite things. I will be cutting back on manufacturing and big events going forward. My new focus will be offering my goods, collectables and curiosities online and at outdoor swap meets, (weather permitting).

Like me, on this Winters day, my sweet 1955 Chevy truck is weathering the storm. She needs a new water pump and a check up, though. Not bad considering we are nearly the same age.

Your support making online purchases will give me the funds to have her road ready and chasing moonbeams.

Keep on trucking, friends! Turn up the music and reach for the moon. I'll be there.

Love Deb