Fall Is When My Creative Side Has A Turn

Posted by Deborah Wright on Oct 2nd 2022

Fall Is When My Creative Side Has A Turn

Soon frost will be on the pumpkin and Farmers Markets will draw to a seasonal close. I have met many wonderful people this season and am truly impressed how our small community serves so many. I will miss the face to face opportunity to chit chat with the market goers.  

Even though my mustard manufacturing business slows in the Winter, it gives me a wonderful break to visit my studio and create the fab stuff that has been loved by many.

This year I have been making original skirts, bloomers and slip dresses and up-cycling and re-styling clothing items. Also on the work bench, are leather and jewelry that will have a special spotlight.

As events are becoming more difficult to travel to and set up for me I have decided to start live sale events this Fall and Winter season. I think it would be fun to hear from my friends and followers and maybe feature a few guests too!