BLUE BELLE FARM - SAVORY - Mustard, Dips & Spices

Wholegrain Mustard 

Tangy and savory mustard is perfect for spreading, but also very good in salad dressings, marinades and enhancing favorite recipes. 

Mustard is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, adds wonderful flavor to basic and gourmet dishes. 

Small batch mustard is manufactured using yellow and brown mustard seeds, turmeric, powdered mustard and an array of herbs and spices. 

Try some today!

Dip & Spread Mixes 

Pick up some DRY MIXES, too. Easy to make and great to have on hand. Each bag contains 2 sealed packages making 16 ounces of dip or spread each.

Herb Blends

Favorite blends of herbs in a large resealable bag. French blend is great in egg, fish dishes and soups. Tuscan blend pops up a great sauce and is good as a seasoning on roast meats and vegetables, too. 


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